Butcher knives

Professional butcher knives designed to work with meat for slaughterhouses or in kitchen. A quality butcher knife & nbsp; should have a high-quality, very sharp blade and a firm anti-slip handle. Such a knife will greatly facilitate the processing of meat and work with it is much easier. In our offer you will find butcher knives Victorinox butcher knives, swedish professional butcher knives Frosts (Mora) and many others. To maintain the blade of a butcher knife, it is a good idea to use a quality professional steel .

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Böker Core Wood boning knife 16,5 cm

Kuchynský nôž Böker Core Wood vykosťovací z ocele X50CrMoV15 a rukoväťou z orechového dreva. Dĺžka čepele je 16,5 cm.

Dellinger German Samurai Boning knife 16 cm XZ-B13S-6B
Dellinger Pakka Wood Boning knife 14,5 cm XZ-B2-6B
Dellinger Rosewood Boning knife Damascus 16 cm XZ-B27RW6B
Dellinger Samurai Boning knife 15 cm SXLK-HP6
Dick Red Spirit Boning Knife 15 cm 8174515 8174515
Dick Superior Boning Knife 13 cm 8436813 8436813
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