Wide selection of knives from high-quality manufacurers such as Ahti, ANV, Benchmade, Bestech Knives, Böker, Cold Steel, Condor Tool & Knife, ESEE, Joker, Kizlyar Supreme, Miguel Nieto, Mikov, Morakniv, Muela, Ontario, Opinel, Real Steel, Ruike, Victorinox, Zero Tolerance and many others. Knives with a fixed blade, folding knives, swiss knives, hunting knives, outdoor, bushcraft and survival knives. You will also find scandinavian puukko knives, wood carving knives and spoon carving knives at You can easily choose a knife for a hunter, fisherman or for outdoor activities.


How to choose a knife?

Each knife excels in other activities due to its characteristics. The carving knife is best for carving wood and the hunting knife is suitable for the hunter when processing the catch. A light folding knife will be best for everyday use.

Folding knife or knife with fixed blade

A fixed blade knife is better for harder work. For easier activities where you don't need to put too much force into the cut, the folding knife is great. The advantage of folding knives is their easy carrying and storage. Fixed blade knives are stronger and more reliable, especially for heavier activities. Hunters will also appreciate the much easier cleaning of the hard knife, for example after processing the catch.

Stainless or carbon steel

Both types of steel have their advantages and disadvantages. In general, carbon steel is harder and holds the edge better than stainless steel (not talking about modern hi end stainless steels). It is easier to sharpen and you can easily make a "razor sharp". Carbon steel knife requires care. After each use, wipe it dry and oil the blade from time to time. Otherwise, the carbon steel blade rusts quite easily.

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant. Sharpening of stainless steel blade is a little bit more difficult than sharpening a carbon steel blade. The main advantage of stainless steel is almost no need of care. This is the main reason why it is popular for outdoor and hunting knives. If you do not want to take care of the knife regularly, we recommend buying a stainless steel knife.

Tool steel combines the good properties of stainless and carbon steels. Modern tool steels with a high content of alloying elements (chrome, molybdenum, vanadium, tungsten and others) are extremely hard, tough and very resistant to wear. At the same time, they are less prone to corrosion than conventional carbon steels. Thanks to these properties, tool steels are an ideal choice for outdoor and bushcraft knives. Tool steel knives.

Knife handle

Wooden handle gives knives their typical elegance and beauty. It is used in traditional e.g. scandinavian knives. Antler handles are used primarily on traditional hunting knives.

Modern industrial materials such as G10, Micarta, Kraton are extremely popular. The main advantage is strength and load resistance. They are pleasant to the touch, do not slip in a wet hand and do not absorb water, so they are more suitable for use in extreme conditions.

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Helle Viking Blade Blank 5744
Helle Utvaer Blade Blank
Helle Utvaer Blade Blank
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Böker Magnum Balisong All Black
Kizlyar Supreme Dominus Lohmann PGK TacWash
Brisa Necker 70 Scandi Blade Blank
Joker Nomad CN125 Walnut, Böhler N695
Bestech Knives Heidi Blacksmith BFK01B
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Heidi Blacksmith is the first model by Bestech Knives with a fixed blade. This knife is light and slim, which makes it relatively comfortable to wear around the neck. At the...

Miguel Nieto Chaman EDC 137 G10 MN-137 G10
Condor Mini Duku Parang
Condor Mini Duku Parang
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The Condor Mini Duku Parang machete is an effective chopping tool with a full-tang construction which is very strong yet also lightweight and responsive. It has a 26.7 cm long...

Walther Micro PPQ
Walther Micro PPQ
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Böker Magnum Balisong Trainer 2nd Gen
NKD Korpi 85 Curly birch 14C28N bushcraft knife
Benchmade 15006 Steep Country Orange hunting knife BM15006
Miguel Nieto Terrano G10 1080-G10 bushcraft knife 1080-G10
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