Wooden blanks for woodcarving

Wood for carving is divided into categories based on hardness. When selecting wood, it's important to consider your experience, available tools, and the desired outcome of your project. Basswood is the most commonly used wood for carving. Basswood (linden wood), is a soft type of wood and is a good option also for beginners. When choosing wood, factors such as hardness, grain size, density, stability, color, and structure should be considered.

For more information on selecting the right wood for your project, check out this link.

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BeaverCraft B10 large spoon - cherry wood BC_B10_CHERRY
BeaverCraft B10 large spoon - linden BC_B10_LINDEN
BeaverCraft B10 large spoon - walnut BC_B10_WALNUT
BeaverCraft B11 ladle - cherry wood BC_B11_CHERRY
BeaverCraft B11 ladle - linden
BeaverCraft B11 ladle - walnut
BeaverCraft B6 small spoon - apple wood BC_B6_APPLE
BeaverCraft B6 small spoon - cherry wood BC_B6_CHERRY
BeaverCraft B6 small spoon - linden BC_B6_LINDEN
BeaverCraft B6 small spoon - walnut BC_B6_WALNUT
BeaverCraft B7 small spoon - apple wood BC_B7_APPLE
BeaverCraft B7 small spoon - cherry wood BC_B7_CHERRY
BeaverCraft B7 small spoon - linden BC_B7_LINDEN
BeaverCraft B7 small spoon - walnut BC_B7_WALNUT
BeaverCraft B8 spoon - cherry wood BC_B8_CHERRY
BeaverCraft B8 spoon - linden
BeaverCraft B8 spoon - walnut
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