Splitting mauls

A splitting maul is a large axe designed specifically for splitting large wood logs. Unlike normal axes, splitting mauls are much larger, with a weight typically ranging from 3-5 kg and length between 80-100 cm. The optimal length for a splitting maul is usually around 90 cm. The head of a splitting maul features a wide wedge shape and a reinforced back (butt) that can be used for hammering usually together with a splitting wedge. This unique design allows for efficient and effective splitting of large logs.

What should you consider when choosing a splitting maul?

1. The head of the splitting maul should be made of forged carbon steel, as it provides the necessary hardness and toughness for life long use.
2. The handle of the splitting maul can be made of wood or fiberglass, but we always recommend to choose splitting mauls with handles made from hickory wood. Hickory wood is known for being hard, strong, and extremely impact resistant, making it an ideal material for an axe handle.
3. It's important to consider the possibility of replacing the handle in case of damage. Wooden handles have the advantage of being replaceable with a new one, which is a great benefit for the longevity of the splitting maul.

At Kniland, we only offer splitting mauls that meet all of these criteria. We are confident in the quality of splitting mauls from our offer and we stand behind them.

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