Chef's knives

Chef's knife is the most important tool in any kitchen. Chef's knives feature a long and especially wide, curved blade. This makes working with chef knife really simple, but it is important that the knife is of good quality and well-balanced. Chef knives are designed primarily for fast and efficient slicing and chopping of vegetables, herbs or even meat. This type of knife should not be missing in any kitchen. Each and every good set of kitchen knives, should contain at least one chef's knife.

At Kniland you will find quality kitchen knives from all over the world - Böker professional kitchen knives from Solingen in Germany, French Opinel kitchen knives, simple and high quality Frosts (Mora) kitchen knives from Sweden, modern kitchen knives from Samura or Victorinox kitchen knives.

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Böker Core Wood Chef's knife 20,7 cm 130740
Böker Core Wood Small Chef's knife 16 cm 130720
Böker Damascus Olive Large Chef knife 21,2 cm 130441DAM
Böker Damascus Olive Small Chef knife 15,7 cm 130439DAM
Böker Forge Chef's Knife
Böker Forge Wood Chef
Böker Meisterklinge Damascus Chef's knife 19,8 cm

Böker Meisterklinge Damascus chef knife with Damascus steel blade and wooden handle. Blade length 19,8 cm.

Böker Meisterklinge Damascus Chef's knife small 14,5 cm

Böker Meisterklinge Damascus small chef knife with Damascus steel blade and wooden handle. Blade length 14,5 cm.

Böker Saga Grenadill Stonewash Chef's Knife 130367
Dellinger Ebony Wood Tao Cube 16,5 cm XZ-B565
Dellinger Okami Big Chef knife 19 cm K-HAUS8B
Dellinger Okami Chef knife 20 cm
Dellinger Pakka Wood Chef knife 20,5 cm XZ-B2SC8
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