EDC knives

EDC knives are designed for everyday use. The EDC knife can be folding or even with a fixed blade, it depends only on the user's preferences. EDC knife should be compact, light, sharp and should allow for caring that does not attract attention. At Kniland you will find EDC knives made of various types of steel - stainless steel M390, N690, VG-10, Sandvik 14C28N, CPM powder steels, tool steel D2, damask steel and many others. Whether you prefer traditional handle materials such as wood or antler, or modern G10 materials, micarta, carbon fiber, you will find a large selection here.

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Antonini Caltagirone 917/20 pocket knife 917/20
Antonini Caltagirone 917/23 pocket knife 917/23
Antonini Maniaghese 831/19 pocket knife 831/19
Antonini Maniaghese 831/21 pocket knife 831/21
Antonini Pattada Inox 607/20/CO pocket knife 607/20/CO
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