Hook knives

Hook knife is every wood carver 's essential tool. It can be used for a variety of wood carving tasks, ideal for wood carving spoons, cups, bowls and other small objects, shaping and detailed processing of wood at the creation of furniture, sculptures and other artistic woodcarving projects. If you are looking for a tool to help you create beautiful artistic works, then spoon carving knife is ideal choice.

Spoon carving knives comes in different sizes and diameter of blade curve. This determines the size and volume of removed wood. We recommend you tu choose from verified manufacturers of carving tools for wood such as Beavercraft, Morakniv or Narex Bystrice. These manufacturers produce quality knives made of hard steel. Good quality hard steel ensures the knife will stay sharp for long time and you won't need to sharpen after a few cuts in the wood.

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BeaverCraft SK1 - 25 mm Spoon Carving Knife
BeaverCraft SK1Oak - 25 mm Oak Spoon Carving Knife BC_SK1OAK
BeaverCraft SK2 - 30 mm Spoon Carving Knife
BeaverCraft SK2Long - 30 mm Spoon Carving Knife Long Handle BC_SK2LONG
BeaverCraft SK3Long - 90 mm Spoon Carving Knife Long Handle BC_SK3LONG
BeaverCraft SK5 - Spoon Carving Knife Deep Cut Bevels BC_SK5R
Morakniv 162 Woodcarving Hook Knife
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