Terms and Conditions

1) Opening provisions

1. These General Terms and Conditions for webshop kniland.com (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to all purchase agreements between Kniland s. r. o., Company number: 50365363, VAT ID: SK2120291569, with its registered office at Gogoľova 18, Bratislava 851 01, Slovak Republic, Registered at court Bratislava I, section Sro, 152535 / B, (hereinafter referred to as "Seller") and customers (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer") on the basis of purchase of goods from the Seller's offer published through the online store at www.kniland.com (hereinafter referred to as the "webshop") and are an integral part of any purchase agreement between the Seller and the Buyer (hereinafter referred to as the "purchase agreement"), unless the parties have expressly agreed on a derogation.

2. The term Buyer means individual who is a final consumer of the goods. Buyer agreeing that the purchase agreements concluded in this way will be governed by these GTC, Warranty terms, Privacy policy and other conditions listed on the website www.kniland.com and relevant legal regulations.

3. Contact details of the Seller are following: telephone number: 0948 617 154, e-mail: info@kniland.com.

4. The supervisory authority that supervises the Seller is: Slovak Trade Inspection Authority (SOI), SOI Inspectorate for the Bratislavský kraj. Bajkalská 21/A, P. O. BOX č. 5, 820 07 Bratislava Odbor výkonu dozoru ba@soi.sk tel. č. 02/58 27 21 72.

2) Conclusion of the Purchase Agreement

1. The Buyer orders the products and services of the Seller through webshop at www.kniland.com. The seller is bound by his offer, including the price on the webshop at the time of creating the order. An order prepared properly in accordance with the GTC and delivered to the Seller is binding for the Buyer and is considered a binding and irrevocable proposal of the Buyer to conclude a purchase agreement.

2. For each order, the Buyer shall state the name and surname, telephone number and e-mail address, delivery and billing address. Furthermore, the Buyer states the name of the goods, the number of pieces, the method of transport, the method of payment and the date of issue of the order. An order duly completed and made through the e-shop automatically meets these conditions. By sending an order (by clicking on the "Finish order" button) representing a payment order, the Buyer will make an irrevocable offer to the Seller to conclude the purchase agreement.

3. After delivery of the order, the Buyer will be sent without undue delay an e-mail message confirming receipt of the order with the order number and order summary.

4. An order made by the Buyer in accordance with these GTC is an order which includes the Buyer's obligation to pay the purchase price. By sending the order, the buyer explicitly confirms that he was informed of the obligation to pay the purchase price on the basis of the executed order and declares that he had the opportunity to read these GTC before sending it.

5. The Seller will check the order with regard to the filled in data, the person of the Buyer and the availability of the goods and will start processing the order. As soon as the goods are ready for transport and / or delivery, the Seller will send the Buyer an information e-mail about the dispatch of the order (hereinafter referred to as the "Shipment confirmation").

6. By sending an Shipment confirmation e-mail, the proposal is accepted and the purchase agreement between the Seller and the Buyer is concluded.

7. The Buyer acknowledges that the Seller is not obliged to enter into a purchase agreement with the Buyer, especially if it is a person who has previously materially breached the purchase agreement or these GTC, or in relation to the Seller violated good manners.

8. The Seller reserves the right not to deliver the selected goods to the Buyer, especially if the goods have been sold out after sending the order, the goods are no longer delivered, no longer manufactured or for technical or objective reasons it is not possible to deliver the goods under the terms agreed in the order or delivery date. In these cases, the Seller undertakes to return the amount already paid to the Buyer. 

3) Payment terms

1. The valid price is the price that is given in webshop in the moment of creating the order. The valid price is given in euros (EUR). The price and payments for the delivery of goods, other services and any other fees under these GTC are not included in the price of the products and are charged separately. Together with the price of the products it is forming the total final price, which is the purchase price in accordance with these GTC. The purchase price does not include prices for banking services, which are charged by the Buyer's bank on the basis of a special contractual relationship with the Buyer.

2. When making an order, the buyer chooses one of the payment methods listed in the order form of the webshop and pays the agreed price within the period specified in these GTC for the selected method of payment, unless otherwise agreed. Payment methods may include:

(a)  bank transfer - transfer to the account of the Seller no. 2901025183/8330 (IBAN: SK8083300000002901025183) held at Fio banka, a. s., a branch of a foreign bank. Bank transfer payments are accepted in EUR only.

(b) online payment using Credit or Debit Card, or PayPal. 

3. The purchase price is payable within 5 days of concluding the purchase agreement, in this case within 5 days of confirmation of order receipt by the Seller (according to paragraph 3 of Article II of these GTC). If the purchase price is not paid within 5 days of receiving the order, the seller reserves the right to cancel the order.

4. The buyer acquires ownership of the goods by paying the full purchase price. The Seller is entitled to demand the fulfillment of obligations, in particular the payment of the purchase price for goods and services, regardless of the fact that the ownership of the goods and services has not yet passed to the Buyer.

 4) Delivery

1. The buyer acknowledges that the delivery date stated in the user interface of the e-shop is only indicative.

2. The buyer is obliged to choose the method of delivery of goods when making the order, to the extent of the current options listed in the e-shop at the time of making the order. In this way, the Seller and the Buyer agree on a place for collection or delivery of goods.

3. The Seller will inform the Buyer about the date of delivery of the goods to the place specified by the Buyer upon sending the goods from the Seller's warehouse by sending an information e-mail - Shipment confirmation. If the Buyer does not take over the goods at the agreed place, the Seller is entitled to charge the Buyer the costs related to the transport of the goods to the destination and back to the Seller's registered office. If the goods are not taken over by Buyer, the Seller is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement. For the avoidance of any doubt, the price for delivery of the goods to the place specified by the Buyer is not included in the price of the goods, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.

4. The Seller is obliged to deliver to the Buyer goods that are in accordance with the purchase agreement, mainly without defects, i.e. having the required quality, functionality, dimensions and corresponding to the agreed purpose.

5. Upon receipt of the goods, the Buyer will check the integrity and completeness of the package. If the package is visibly damaged and / or destroyed, the Buyer should ask "Damage Report" from the shipping company and contact Seller afterwards. The risk of damage to the goods passes to the Buyer at the time of package take over by the Buyer or his agent.

5) Complaints

1. Any complaints about the goods and the procedure for complaints is defined by the Complaints Procedure, published on the website www.kniland.com. You can find the complaint procedure here: https://www.kniland.com/warranty/

6) Privacy policy

1. The conditions of personal data protection are specified in the Privacy policy, which is published on the website https://www.kniland.com/privacy-policy/

7) Returns

1. Private customers have the right to return product within 14 days of receiving the product, starting the day after the receipt date.

2. The returned product and its packaging shall be in the same condition as when received. This means that the product packaging shall be unbroken and the product shall have no signs of use. If the product to be returned is no longer flawless, i.e. the product can no longer be sold with the normal price given in the Seller price list, Seller has the right to deduct the amount that the product’s value has dropped from the sum to be returned to the customer. The payment will be refunded usually within a couple of days after receiving the returned product, but no later than within 14 days.

3. Return your parcel to us, securely packed, preferably using a tracked and insured shipping method, at your cost. Return shipments are at the risk of the customer. Seller is not liable for losing or damaging return packages. 

4. Corporate customers right to return is limited. The possibility for companies to return products must be agreed upon in advance with Kniland customer service. If a company returns a product or multiple products, Seller will refund only price of the product. Price of the delivery (shipment) will not be refunded. 

5. The procedure for returning the goods is described in detail on the following website: https://www.kniland.com/returns/

8) Alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes

1. Buyer - the consumer - has the right to contact the seller with a request for redress (by e-mail to info@kniland.com), if he is not satisfied with the way the seller handled his complaint or if he believes that the seller has violated his rights. If the seller responds to this request in a negative manner or does not respond within 30 days of its dispatch, the consumer shall have the right to apply for an alternative dispute resolution entity (ADR entity).

2. The consumer can also lodge a complaint through the Alternative Dispute Resolution platform, which is available online at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EN

3. Alternative dispute resolution can only be used by the consumer - a person who does not act within the scope of his business, employment or profession when concluding and fulfilling the consumer contract. Alternative dispute resolution only concerns a dispute between a consumer and a seller arising out of or in connection with a consumer contract. Alternative dispute resolution only applies to distance contracts. Alternative dispute resolution does not apply to disputes where the value of the dispute does not exceed EUR 20. The ADR entity may require the consumer to pay a fee for initiating ADR up to a maximum of EUR 5 including VAT.

 9) General information

1. The Seller reserves the right to change the price. When the price changes, the Seller contacts the Buyer. The buyer has the right to cancel the order at such adjusted prices, to withdraw from the contract.

2. The Seller reserves the right to change and supplement these GTC and complaint conditions even without prior notice to the Buyer. In the event of a change of the GTC or complaint conditions, the entire purchase process is governed by those GTC, that were valid at the time of sending the order to the Buyer.

3. An integral part of these general terms and conditions is the complaint procedure published on the website https://www.kniland.com/warranty/ 

4. Regardless of any other provision of the purchase agreement, the Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer for lost profits, lost opportunities or any other indirect or consequential losses and damages due to negligence, breach of contract or otherwise.

5. These General terms and conditions and the complaint procedure are published on the kniland.com website

6. These General terms and conditions, including their inseparable parts, enter into force and effect on 14.4.2021.