Splitting wedges

The splitting wedge is a steel wedge designed for splitting wood logs with a large diameter or wood with a lot of knots. When an axe or a splitting maul is not enough to split a log, it is convenient to use a splitting wedge. High-quality wedges for splitting wood will greatly facilitate the processing of wood.

You can hit the splitting wedge with a sledgehammer, or with the back side of a splitting maul. As a rule, do not hit the wedge with the back of an ordinary axe, you could damage your axe. Sometimes it can happen that the wedge gets stuck in the wood, or that one wedge is not enough to split the wood. For this reason, we recommend always having one or two wedges in reserve.

Splitting wedges - how to choose?

1. Splitting wegdes should be made of steel or aluminum. Avoid plastic wedges - they may be attractive due to their low price, but they are not suitable for splitting wood. Plastic wedges are suitable when felling trees, not for splitting.
2. The edge of the splitting wedge should be tempered (hardened). On the other hand, the upper part of the wedge that is hit should not be hardened.
3. It is appropriate if the surface of the splitting wedge contains one or more grooves. It makes working with the wedge and guiding wedge in the wood easier.
4. If you want to split firewood with maximum efficiency, we recommend using a twisted (turned) steel wedge.

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