Bread knives

Bread knives have a long serrated blade that makes slicing bread and pastry very easy. Good bread knife has a blade long at least 18 cm.

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Böker Core Wood bread knife 20,7 cm 130750
Böker Forge Bread Knife
Böker Forge Wood Bread Knife
Böker Meisterklinge Damascus bread knife 20,5 cm

Böker Meisterklinge Damascus bread knife with Damascus steel blade and wooden handle. Blade length 20,5 cm.

Dellinger Pakka Wood Bread knife 20,1 cm XZ-B2S8-B
Dellinger Rosewood Bread knife Damascus 21 cm XZ-B27RW8B
Dellinger Volcano 21 cm Bread knife XZ-B38-MB
Dick 1905 Bread Knife 32 cm 8193932 8193932
Dick ProDynamic Bread Knife 18 cm 8261918 8261918
Dick Red Spirit Bread Knife 26 cm 8173926 8173926
Frosts Bread Knife 3214PG
Opinel Intempora N°216 Bread Knife 002216
Opinel N°116 Bread Knife
Samura Damascus Bread Knife

An exclusive kitchen knife with a 23 cm long blade made of Japanese damascus steel (hardness up to 61 HRC). The composite G10 material handle is solid, durable and pleasant to...

Samura Harakiri Bread and Frozen Food Knife

A special double-sided kitchen knife with an ABS plastic handle and an 18 cm long blade of high-quality Japanese stainless steel AUS-8. One side of the blade is for cutting...

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