Wood carving

We offer wood carving tools, knives, and chisels from renowned manufacturers like Morakniv, Narex Bystřice, BeaverCraft, and more. Quality carving tools are essential for every wood carver, whether just starting out or a experienced professional. A top-notch wood carving knife should be lightweight, nimble, and made from high-quality steel. With a sharp knife, wood carving will become a much simpler task.

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BeaverCraft AP1 Green Canvas Apron BC_AP1
BeaverCraft BC AX1 Axe Sekera Beavercraft AX1 5
BeaverCraft AX2 adze
BeaverCraft B10 large spoon - cherry wood BC_B10_CHERRY
BeaverCraft B10 large spoon - linden BC_B10_LINDEN
BeaverCraft B10 large spoon - walnut BC_B10_WALNUT
BeaverCraft B11 ladle - cherry wood BC_B11_CHERRY
BeaverCraft B11 ladle - linden
BeaverCraft B11 ladle - walnut
BeaverCraft B6 small spoon - apple wood BC_B6_APPLE
BeaverCraft B6 small spoon - cherry wood BC_B6_CHERRY
BeaverCraft B6 small spoon - linden BC_B6_LINDEN
BeaverCraft B6 small spoon - walnut BC_B6_WALNUT
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Wood carving tools

Carving tools for wood include a wide range of tools including knives, chisels, gouges, axes, and specialty tools. One of the crucial factors to consider when selecting a wood carving tool is the quality of the steel. Steel should be tough and durable, above all else. Purchasing inexpensive wood carving tools often leads to disappointment as they are often made of soft steel and require frequent sharpening. To avoid this frustration, it's recommended to invest in products from reputable manufacturers of wood carving tools.

Brands of wood carving knives and tools

Morakniv, a Swedish manufacturer of wood carving knives, provides tools that meet all quality standards and are suitable for both professionals and beginners in regular wood carving. The company uses high-quality Swedish steel with a hardness of up to 60 HRC in the production of its knives.

Narex Bystřice, a Czech company, offers wood carving knives and chisels. Its PROFI series is crafted by hand and is intended primarily for professional carvers, but also suitable for regular users seeking the highest quality wood carving knives. The PROFI series is made from top-quality materials including high-carbon steel with a hardness of up to 62 HRC, which holds its edge and sharpens well, and a handle made of stained beech hardwood. The tools meet DIN and ISO standards and are held to a production standard of excellence.

BeaverCraft, a Ukrainian manufacturer of wood carving tools, offers special knives, spoon cutters, and chisels in various shapes and sizes for various wood carving techniques. The company uses an alloyed carbon steel containing vanadium and boron with a hardness of 57-58 HRC to make its tools. All of BeaverCraft's tools undergo thorough quality control, with the manufacturer carefully examining the form, sharpness, hardness, geometry, and appearance of each tool. The company also offers sharpening tools for wood carving knives.