Splitting axes

Key feature of splitting axe is its ability to split logs along the grain, rather than across it. Splitting axe head has a very distinctive shape. It is shaped like a wedge. This shape allows for efficient wood splitting with minimal effort. At Kniland you can find selection of high-quality splitting axes, made from durable steel with sturdy handles.

Difference between splitting axe and splitting maul.

Primary difference between splitting axe and splitting maul is a shape of axe head. Back side of an splitting axe (butt) is NOT designed for hammering or striking. On the other hand, splitting maul features a strong and tempered butt, that can be used for hammering a splitting wedge. In general, splitting mauls are even heavier than splitting axes.

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Hultafors Splitting Axe 900 g KLY 7-0,9 SV

Hultafors Splitting axe 900 g is best suited to splitting of fireplace wood. Splitting wood with this axe is much easier thanks to the special shape of the axe head. The...

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