Felling axes

Felling axe has a long rounded cutting edge and a flat, elongated ax head. Originally, this type of axe was used for felling trees. Nowadays, felling axe is an ideal choice for use in the forest, cottage or around your house. The shape of felling axe is designed for cutting across the wood grain but felling axe can also easily split smaller logs. With dimensions of around 70 cm and a weight of 1-2 kg, you can handle almost every task from felling trees, limbing or splitting wood for fire. Felling axe is sometimes called forest axe.

When choosing an axe, it's important to opt for high-quality options from well-known manufacturers. Prandi forged axes from the Italian Alps or Swedish Hultafors axes are two great options that can serve your family reliably for generations to come.

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Condor Cloudburst Axe
€118 –15 %

The Condor Cloudburst is a sturdy universal axe for chopping in the garden or in the forest. The head is made from 1065 high carbon steel with a natural finish which can get...

Condor Greenland Axe

The Condor Greenland is a universal axe for camping and other outdoor use. The head with a black finish is made from 1060 high carbon steel. This is a tough shock-proof steel...

CRKT Berserker Axe 2736 viking style axe CR2736
Hultafors Felling Axe 1200g HY 10-1,2 SV 840144
Hultafors Felling Axe 1500g HY 10-1,5 SV 840185
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Mizuno Seisakujo Ko-Ono Zenko Hatchet 700 g
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