Sharpening stones

Whetstones are used for sharpening your knives and tools by hand. Sharpening a knife on a whetstone requires a little practice, but once you gain some experience, you will achieve excellent results and perfectly sharp knives.

How to choose the sharpening stone?

When choosing the sharpening stone, you should consider several aspects. The most important are grain size (grit), abrasive material and the use of stone with water or oil.

Whetstone grit size

grinding stone, honing stone

Natural or artificial stones

Oil stone / Water stone, Diamond sharpening stone

The most popular are Taidea grinding stones with an unbeatable price / quality ratio. The stones are divided according to the grain size from the coarsest (grain size 70, 120, 200) through medium (grain size 400, 600 to 1000) to completely fine stones with a grain size higher than 1000. Combined grinding stones, which contain two different grain sizes, are very practical. You can also buy Arkansas or Rozsutec Natural Abrasive Stones from us. Rosutec stone is a unique natural stone with a grain size of 6000 - 8000, which is used for polishing and coating already sharpened blades. Depending on the type of stone, water or oil is used for grinding.

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AC-T Puck Sharpening Stone 100x25 mm C49 150/320N PCL00513
Arkansas Whetstone Black Hard AC15
Arkansas Whetstone Hard AC13
Arkansas Whetstone Hard Mounted
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Arkansas Whetstone Set
Arkansas Whetstone Soft AC12
Arkansas Whetstone Soft Mounted
Arkansas Whetstone Translucent 895600
Fällkniven CC4 Ceramic/Ceramic Whetstone Combi
Fällkniven DC3 Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone Combi
Fällkniven DC4 Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone Combi
Fällkniven DC521 Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone Combi DC521
Lansky Arkansas Hard Sharpening Stone
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