Whittling knives

This category offers both beginner-friendly and professional wood carving knives for shaping and processing wood. The sloyd, bench, and whittling knives each serve specific purposes, but all of them are suitable also for begginers in whittling and wood carving.

The act of whittling involves removing small pieces of wood with a sharp knife to form a desired shape. To start carving, hold the piece of wood with your non-dominant hand and carefully slice away the material using the knife. There are three techniques for using a knife - pulling, pushing, and cutting. Begin by making rough cuts to remove larger chunks of wood, then progress to finer details that require specialized tools such as detailing knives, chisels, geometric knives, or gouges.

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BeaverCraft C1 - Small Whittling Knife

Universal wood carving knife designed for whittling. Hand-made from 65G carbon steel hardened to 57-59 HRC, has very good edge retention and is easy to sharpen. Ash wood handle...

BeaverCraft C13 - Whittling Knife
BeaverCraft C14 - Whittling Knife BC_C14
BeaverCraft C2 - Bench Knife
BeaverCraft C3 - Small Sloyd Carving Knife BC_C3
BeaverCraft C4 - Whittling Knife
BeaverCraft C4m - Whittling Knife
BeaverCraft C5 - Bench Knife
Hultafors PK GH Woodcarving Knife 380220
Morakniv 105 Woodcarving Knife
Morakniv 106 Woodcarving Knife
Morakniv 120 Woodcarving Knife
Morakniv 122 Woodcarving Knife
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