Warranty (defective products)

Please contact us by email before sending back any products. Please note, we may request you to email us pictures of damaged or defective merchandise.

Warranty period for products purchased in the online store www.kniland.com is 24 months from the day the goods are taken over by the customer. Many manufactures offers a lifetime warranty for their products - after 24 months from purchase please send warranty requests directly to manufacturer.

Incomplete shipment or damage to the goods during shipment must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of the shipment by email to info@kniland.com . Subsequent claims for incomplete shipment or mechanical damage to the product may not be accepted.

The warranty does not apply to:
a) defects caused by incorrect, unappropriate and / or careless use of the products, or in the event of natural wear and tear of the products,

b) mechanical damage to the goods by a person other than the Seller,

c) use of products in non-compliant or unsuitable conditions,

d) improper maintenace care of the goods

e) rust on the knives

If the goods are handed over to the customer in a damaged transport packaging, the customer is entitled not to accept such goods. However, in the event of obvious damage to the package, the customer is obliged to immediately write a record of the damage with the relevant carrier, otherwise the Seller cannot acknowledge the defect consisting in mechanical damage to the goods.

How to return defective product, step by step:

1  Fill out return form & contact us 

Please fill out the return form and send it to us by email.

Return form: Return and warranty claim form

2  Return your parcel to us

Pack your package and send products together with the receipt (invoice). Return your parcel to us, securely packed, preferably using a tracked and insured shipping method, at your cost. Return shipments are at the risk of the customer. Kniland s.r.o. is not liable for losing or damaging those packages. 

3  We receive and check the returned items

After we will receive your package with returned items, it will be checked by our product specialist. Afterwards we will contact you to agree on a quick resolution of the issue.

4  Settling your warranty complaint

The complaint will be settled no later than 30 days from the receipt of the claimed goods. We will inform you about the result of the complaint procedure by email. If the Seller does not handle the complaint within 30 days of its application, the Buyer has the right to exchange the goods or return the money.

Warranty complaint can be settled in following ways:

a) by handing over repaired product,

b) exchange for the same or simmilar product

c) refunding the purchase price of the goods,

d) providing a reasonable discount on the price of the goods, 

e) rejection of a claim.