440C steel is the highest quality steel from the 4xx series, thanks to its high carbon content. It requires only minimal care and knives made of 440C are quite easy to sharpen. Steel 440C is highly corrosion resistant and also is capable to achieve a high hardness thanks to high carbon content. As you can see 440C is a really good all-round steel. Because of its quality and versatility 440C is one of the most common stainless alloys used for knife making. It is an especially good choice for an every day carry knife. The equivalent of 440C steel is Bohler's N695 steel.

Steel composition: 0,95 - 1,2% Carbon, 16 - 18% Chromium, 1% Manganese, 1% Silicon, 0,75% Molybdenum, 0,04% Phosphorus, 0,03% Sulfur

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