65G steel is a type of carbon steel commonly used in the production of knives, chopping tools, and carving tools. 65G is a carbon spring steel that is easy to sharpen and you can achieve high sharpness of edge. One of the biggest advantages of this steel is high yield strength´, elasticity and durability - spring steel can withstand intense twisting and bending without being deformed. At the same time, however, knives and tools made of this steel needs proper care and maintenance, as it corrodes relatively easily.

Steel composition: 0,60 - 0,71% carbon, 0,8 - 1,1% manganese, 0,17 - 0,37% silicon, 0 - 0,25% chromium, trace amounts of phosphorus and sulfur

Other specifications of this steel: 1066, 65Mn, 66Mn4

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