PGK is a tool steel produced by the German manufacturer Lohmann, or US Latrobe. PGK steel combines excellent edge retention, high wear resistance, high toughness and is highly resistant to chipping. It is not stainless steel, but its corrosion resistance is higher than that of classic carbon steels. The optimal hardness of PGK steel is 62-63 HRC. Thanks to these properties, it is very suitable for larger knives used for hard work, such as chopping, batoning etc.

The properties and composition of PGK steel are very similar to CPM Cru-wear, Vascowear and SB Wear steels.

Steel composition: 1,15% Carbon, 8,2% Chromium, 2% Vanadium, 1,5% Molybdenum, 1,5% Tungsten, 1% Silicon, 0,4% Manganese

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