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Gerber LMF II Infantry Brown tactical knife
Gerber LMF II Infantry Green tactical knife
Gerber LMF II Infantry Black tactical knife
Gerber Strongarm Serrated Brown tactical knife 30-001059N 30-001059N
Ontario Bushcraft Utility Knife, Nylon Sheath
Condor Trelken
Condor Trelken
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Condor Knulujulu
Condor Knulujulu
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Condor Primitive Bush (SS)
Condor Primitive Bush (SS)
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Knives with 420HC steel. 420HC steel should not be mistaken for regular 420 steel. 420HC has higher carbon content than regular 420 stainless steel. The HC means high carbon - carbon content is 0,46%. 420HC steel can be brought to a higher hardness than regular 420. 420HC is stainless steel produced by American manufacturer Latrobe Specialty Steel. It is used in knife making for example by Buck Knives or Gerber Knives.

Steel composition: 0,46% Carbon, 13% Chromium, 0,4% Manganese, 0,4% Silicon, 0,3% Vanadium