Knives Sandvik 12C27 steel

Knives with Sandvik 12C27 steel. 12C27 is a swedish stainless steel from Sandvik Materials Technology. It is widely used in knife industry for example by Morakniv or Opinel knives. Excellent steel for regular use - it is easy to sharpen and holds the edge quite well. This steel can reach a hardness of 57 - 59 HRC. Excellent price/quality ratio.

Steel composition: 0,6% carbon, 13,5% chromium, 0,4% manganese, 0,4% silicon, 0,03% phosphorus, 0,01% sulfur.

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Morakniv Basic 546 - 2021 Edition 13957
Morakniv Basic 546 - 2019 Edition 13451
Morakniv Basic 546 Limited Edition 2024 (S) 14282

A all-around craft knife with a blade length of 9,1 cm. Stainless steel blade, green/red polymer handle with non-slip rubber coating.

Opinel N°08 Bushwhacker Garnet 002213

Opinel No.8 pocket knife with 8,5 cm long Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade. Garnet color beech wood handle with a leather lace.

Helle Speider Pike knife
Helle Fossekallen 1049 knife
Böker Plus Outdoorsman
Böker Plus Savior 1
CRKT M16-03SS folding knife
Helle Speider scout knife

The Helle Speider is a fixed blade outdoor knife ideal for scouts. The 9 cm long drop point blade is made of stainless steel Sandvik 12C27. The razor-sharp blade has a...

Helle Gaupe hunting knife

The Helle Gaupe is a medium-sized hunting knife suitable for tasks outdoors or at home. Gaupe means Lynx in Norwegian. The 10.7 cm drop point blade is made of triple laminated...

Helle Alden hunting knife

The Helle Alden is a mid-sized fixed blade hunting and bushcraft knife. The knife is named after the island Alden at the Norwegian coast which is close to the Helle factory. The...

Morakniv Belly Opener gut hook 11453 11453
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