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Böker Plus Tenshi Brass 01BO328 gentleman's knife 01BO328
Böker Plus Tenshi Micarta 01BO327 gentleman's knife 01BO327
Böker Plus Kwaiken Air Titanium 01BO169 pocket knife
Fällkniven A1z VG10
Fällkniven A1z VG10
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Fällkniven S1L VG10 Leather Sheath
Real Steel GSlip Slipjoint Olive pocket knife
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Knives with VG-10 steel. VG10 is very popular stainless steel from the Japanese manufacturer Takefu. VG10 has very fine carbide structure and due to its properties it is often used on high quality Asian kitchen knives and folding knives. VG 10 steel is stainless steel with a high carbon content. Thanks to this, it is resistant to corrosion, achieves a very high sharpness and is relatively easy to sharpen. 

Steel composition: 1% carbon, 14,5 - 15,5% chromium, 1,2% molybdenum, 1,5% cobalt, 0,5% manganese, 0,3% vanadium, 0,03% phosphorus