Stainless steel manufactured in Japan by Aichi Steel Corporation. Steel AUS-8 is comparable with 440B or 8Cr13MoV steels. It usually reaches a hardness of 57-59 HRC. AUS-8 steel can be sharpened quite easily to razor sharpness. It holds an edge only a little worse than 440C steel. Good quality steel from the middle range, with a good quality / price ratio.

Steel composition: 0,75% Carbon, 13 - 14,5% Chromium, 1% Silicon, 0,5% Manganese, 0,49% Nickel, 0,1 - 0,3% Molybdenum, 0,1 - 0,26% Vanadium, 0,04% Phosphorus, 0,03% Sulfur

Knives with AUS-8 steel here