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Puronvarsi 100 Blade Blank 5289
Condor Plan A Knife

The Condor Plan A is a large fixed blade knife with a 22.8 cm long stout blade made from tough 1075 carbon steel. The blade has a proven Bowie blade shape with a satin finish...

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Puronvarsi YP Tommi 85 Blade Blank
Condor Stratos knife
Condor Stratos knife
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COCTK1823 5.5HC Nôž Condor Sigrun 1
Puronvarsi YP Bullnose 120 Blade Blank
Puronvarsi Leuku 160 Blade Blank
Puronvarsi Leuku 230 Blade Blank
Condor Lost Roman Knife
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The inspiration behind the Condor Lost Roman Knife stems from an ancient metal knife utilized by Roman soldiers, discovered during archaeological excavations in a long-forgotten...

Ontario RAT 3 Black, Nylon Sheath survival knife 8665 8665
Condor Atrox Knife
Condor Atrox Knife
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The Condor Atrox is a large survival knife with a 27.6 cm long blade made from 1075 high carbon steel. The blade is primarily ground flat, and the edge is a combination of...

Condor African Bush Knife

The Condor African Bush is a larger outdoor knife with an 18.4 cm long blade made from 1075 high carbon steel. The double-edged dagger blade with a bead blast finish has a...

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Knives with 1075 steel. 1075 steel is carbon steel most commonly used in construction of knives, cutting tools, but also springs. It contains 0,7 - 0,8% carbon, 0,4 - 0,7% manganese and trace amounts of phosphorus and sulfur. It is really easy to sharpen and you can easily achieve very high sharpness of the edge. 1075 is very tough steel with great resistance to chipping.

On the other hand, 1075 steel has a very low corrosion resistance. It rusts very easily, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to proper care and maintenance. After every use, rinse the blade, wipe it clean, and oil it to prevent rust.

1075 steel is used by many knife makers, for example, by Condor Knife & Tool. Compared to 1095 steel, it has a higher toughness, which makes it great choice for large knives or machetes designed for chopping and rough work.

Steel composition: 0,7 - 0,8% Carbon, 0,4 - 0,7% Manganese,  traces of Phosphorus and Sulfur