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Condor Beetle Neck Knife knife
Condor Talon knife
Condor Talon knife
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Böker Plus Vigtig
Böker Plus Vigtig
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Ontario 498 Marine Combat
Ontario 498 Marine Combat
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Ontario 499 Survival Knife
Ontario Mark III Trench Knife
Morakniv Companion HeavyDuty Hi-Vis Orange (C) 12211 12211
Morakniv Basic 511 - 2022 Edition 14047
Morakniv Classic 2F
Morakniv Classic 2F
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ESEE 6 6PB-011 1095, Canvas Micarta 3D Handle, Black Sheath ES6PB011
Condor Wayfinder
Condor Wayfinder
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The Condor Wayfinder is an excellent bushcraft knife for wood carving and other outdoor use. It has a 13.4 cm long blade made from 1095 high carbon steel. The stout spear point...

Condor Mountain Pass Camp Knife

The Condor Mountain Pass Camp Knife is a cool survival knife designed for outdoor use such as camping or in the mountains. It has a 17.8 cm long blade made from 1095 high carbon...

ESEE 3 3PMB-001 1095 Black G10 3D Handle, Black Sheath ES3PMB001
Glock Survival Knife FM 81 Gray
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Knives with 1095 steel. 1095 steel is high carbon steel most commonly used in construction of knives and swords. It is really easy to sharpen and you can easily achieve very high sharpness of the edge. 1095 is very hard steel with great edge retention and good wear resistance.

On the other hand, 1095 steel has a very low corrosion resistance. It rusts very easily, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to proper care and maintenance. After every use, rinse the blade, wipe it clean, and oil it to prevent rust.

1095 steel is used by many knife makers, for example, by Condor, ESEE or Ontario. Compared to other steels in the 10xx series (1060, 1075, 1084, etc.), it has the highest carbon content, so it has the best edge retention and lower toughness.

Steel composition: 0,95% Carbon, 0,3 - 0,5% Manganese,  traces of Phosphorus and Sulfur